1.Sanjay Patil

Thanks dr.swati phalle for boosting my self confidence about my hairfall .i tried all allopathy treatment for my baldness but after taking ur medication and hair growth sessions I got noticeable results over my scalp. Now I am not using cap whole day. Thanks a lot.

2. Mrs Maske

I took homeopathic treatment along with chemical peel sessions for my acne from dr.swati for six months I got my natural face without any single side effects without loosing my pocket .my acne reduced within 6 months of treatment. thanks for support.

3. Rohit Kachi

I was suffering from severe hair fall since 2-3 yrs,I tried all oils,medicines but couldn’t got any remarkable results. I tried treatment with Dr.swatis aesthetic world clinic they advice me homeopathic treatment along with PRP session and mesotherapy session, I got excellent results within a few sessions of treatment thanks a lot. .

4. Mr.Sisode

I was suffering from thyroid since 2 yrs with massive hair fall, I came to clinic where I got excellent results with leech therapy +prp therapy for my hairs .excellent treatment session. Thanks ..