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Dr. Swati Phalle is a leading Aesthetic Dermatologist well Known as best skin specialist in non-surgical aesthetic medicine.Dr. Swati Phalle strongly believes in generating awareness amongst people about wellness, non surgical cosmetic techniques, skin rejuvenation, lasers and chronic skin disorders.

Dr. Swati Phalle

Founder Aesthetic World Clinic.
Aesthetic Medical cosmetologist and Trichologist

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Check out these unexpected Hair fall lessons from people who have been battling their Hair for decades.

Hair fall
Hair Fall Treatment Summary

A lot of factors trigger hair fall, such as unhealthy lifestyle, stress, pollution, improper diet. Your hair goes through three distinct phases of growth

Transform Skin
Cause of Skin Lightening

Depigmentation of the skin can be caused by a number of local and systemic conditions. The pigment loss can be partial (such as after injury to the skin) or complete (such as from vitiligo). It can be temporary (such as from tinea versicolor) or permanent (such as from albinism).

Premature Graying
Premature Graying Treatment Summary

Premature graying of hair (PGH) is defined as graying of hair before the age of 20 years in Caucasians and before 30 years in African American population.

Meso Therapy
Mesotherapy Treatment Summary

Mesotherapy is performed using very fine needles injecting some special solutions to the middle layer of the skin in the relevant area. It is a treatment for the damage on the skin and the regulation of the weakened blood circulation.

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Dr.Swati's Phalle is a leading expert in non-surgical aesthetic medicine who has Graduated from MUHS Nashik University and Postgraduate Diploma in Skin and Aesthetic from the IICTN Institute Mumbai. She strongly believes in generating awareness amongst people about Skin care, Hair Care and wellness about non surgical cosmetic techniques, skin rejuvenation, laser treatments and chronic skin disorders. More important, she believes in giving expected results which are realistic and providing a flawless look. Aesthetic world is promising advanced skin care and hair care clinic giving the best Skin treatment, Laser treatments and many more.

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