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Looking good is not a one-time effort; it is a continuous process that involves your heart, spirit, mind and body. At AESTHETIC WORLD, we constantly strive to provide world's latest and best in aesthetic practices. Dr. SWATI AESTHETIC WORLD is an aesthetically designed, modern clinic built with an aim to provide personalised care in most friendly and responsive manner. The elegant interiors and welcoming ambiance of the clinic are bound to leave the visitors enamoured. Dr. SWATI Aesthetic world is an aesthetic and dermatology clinic dedicated to efficiently treating skin and hair related imperfections. We offer safe, effective and scientifically sound solutions for your skin, hair care and anti aging challenges. We understand that a pleasing appearance instils confidence and helps provide you with an edge over others in this competitive world. With State of the Art infrastructure and quality products and technics used at aesthetic world, you now have access to improvised skin, hair conditions and improving your overall aesthetic appeal.

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Dr. Swati Phalle is a leading expert in non-surgical aesthetic medicine who has Graduated from MUHS Nashik University and Postgraduate Diploma in Skin and Aesthetic from the IICTN Institute Mumbai. Her facial aesthetics skills, excellent injector skills, and most importantly, her drive to innovate has kept her at the forefront of non-surgical facial aesthetics along with Non surgical Hair regrowth treatment.
Dr.Swati Phalle strongly believes in generating awareness amongst people about wellness, non surgical cosmetic techniques, skin rejuvenation, lasers and chronic skin disorders. More important, she believes in giving expectations and results which are realistic. Aesthetic world is promising and advanced skin and hair care clinic.
We observe the best practice and trust that our patient experience will be fulfilled in a luxurious manner. We believe in the revolution for own self, building confidence and keeping you glowing and beautiful, at our aesthetic world clinic, the wellness chamber for all.
Her keen interest in makes his practice unique as he focuses on the holistic healing of his patients instead of treating a single aspect/concern. Holistic approach to a health problem aids in eradicating the issues completely and the chances of recurrence are very low as the aim is to treat the root causes as well.

Dr. Swati Phalle

Dr. Swati Phalle


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Graduated from MUHS Nashik University and Postgraduate Diploma in Skin and Aesthetic
Dermo-Cosmetologist Trichologist (IICTN, Mumbai)
Aesthetic physician (IICTN ,MUMBAI )
Homeopathic Physician (PUNE)


Diploma in clinical cosmetology.
Diploma in medical trichology.
Certificate course in advanced medical skin aesthetics and laser.
Diploma in clinical diet and nutrition.
Diploma in scientific weight management by machine.
Certificate Course in Skin and Venereal Diseases (SVD) and Fungal infections.


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